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Posted Sun 13 May 2018

Treating Liver Disease in Dogs

Pets and animals are considered as a fantasy to human beings. They not only excite us from their unique behaviors but also help us lift our mood during those tuff days. Many of us love to pet cats, dogs, fishes, turtles, rabbits etc. we treat our pets as one of our family members. And take care of all their necessary needs from time to time. Among all the pets, dogs are considered as man’s best friend. They tend to be more loyal and loving by nature. They enhance our energy levels and are very fond of our presence around them. But there are times when dogs too fall sick. Sometimes with chronic pains and sometimes with a more serious disease, they must be given proper attention before it’s too late to handle. There are different diseases which are often found in dogs such as bacterial infections, skin diseases, urinary and reproductive system diseases, fungal infections, bone decaying, gastrointestinal diseases, liver diseases etc are commonly occurred in dogs. Liver Diseases in Dogs:- Although, there are different kinds of liver diseases that tend to affect the organ system in dogs. Liver diseases in dogs tend to reduce the life expectancy among pets both for cats as well as dogs for some years to some months. There are different types of liver diseases in dogs such as liver cancer, acute liver failure, chronic liver diseases, chronic hepatics, canine liver disease etc. The liver is considered as an integral organ for the body’s effective functioning. Once the liver is damaged it promotes to organ failure resulting in death. However, if a proper diagnosis is conducted, there are chances that may improve on the life expectancy of the pet. This depends upon the kind of liver disease in dogs, the owner's interest in the field, the dog's own capability to fight the disease. Proper treatments are required and follow-ups after that. Treatment also varies for different kinds of liver diseases. Some treatments require a lengthy diagnosis which is often costly and perhaps depending upon the owner. Although, with a slight modification in diet pattern can also make wonders. A Vet doctor usually suggests low protein diet, low fat and low sodium diet foods for dogs. They are also advised to consume food that is easy to digest and also to increase the level of antioxidants that shall help in diagnosing the liver disease. To some of them, CBD oil is also given to provide some relief from pain in dogs. Why CBD oil? Well, CBD oil which is known as, Cannabidiol, hence CBD, which helps in treating common alignments. It is from those 104 components that are been found in the plant famously known as Marijuana. This marijuana plant is widely known to provide a relief to pains. This CBD oil is made from extracting the essentials form the marijuana plant and then diluting it with mild oil such as coconut that helps to ease the pain. It is one of the common alignments for treating anxiety and depression. CBD oil also helps to cure cancer-related diseases. Conclusion:- The occurrence of diseases in dogs may be uncertain. But one can definitely work on the eating habits and give your pet’s nutritious food that shall improve their well being. Give them a good environment and surroundings to live in. Treating your pet as a family member is the best thing to feel and hence proper care and attention should be given to them to keep them happy. Dogs are your good friends, remember?

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